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Be the "Tropic" of conversation

Here at Laguune, our mission is to empower women by changing the way we see haircare. How? We're glad you asked! By creating powerful tropical formulas that shift the focus from spending more time and money on haircare products, to delivering red carpet results without having to spend hours on your beauty routine! So you feel and look your best, all day - every day! Ready for the cherry on top? We're obsessed with clean hair care! Which is why all our products are vegan, cruelty free and are free from Sulfates, Parabens and Phtalatates.

During my time in New York, one thing became painfully clear: women are still portrayed in the beauty industry as naive and fragile creatures. Could that literally be farther from the truth? I had no need for a relaxing gel or a soothing mask. What I needed was a product that could take me from the boardroom to a hot date in seconds. Nothing like that was available on the market, so I decided to launch it myself. Because let's be honest, who the h*ll has time for endless beauty routines?

- Mats Meyer, CEO of Laguune